Baloot Royals (coming soon)

Baloot royals is a fun and unfriendly game that brings together only the best Baloot card players with social features only available on our Baloot royals. Meet and chat with people from all over the world and play the most popular online multiplayer card game in the Arab region. Baloot, ballot, or balut is an easy game to understand but one of the hardest to master. With Baloot royals you can now become a Baloot master and play anywhere at any time. Baloot royal’s realistic online gameplay makes it the most exciting card game out there.


You are the Executive Chef of the restaurant, cooking a variety of cuisines to entertain customers, you must be patient and focused. The needs of customers are various!
At the same time, you are the owner of the restaurant, earn gold coins and tips from customers, upgrade ingredients and cooking equipment, and provide customers with the most delicious dishes!
Breakfast, burger, pizza, seafood, etc. waiting for you to cook!

ALMODEER (coming soon)

Recently your are hired in an organization. You want to feel being a boss?
This is your chance to invest and become the boss of your own.
You are the boss. Hire employees and accept or deny their requests. Be careful! Your decisions will make your employees happy or sad. If motivation is too low, employees will do crazy things!
Our goal is to feel being the boss and how the investors life looks like! Own your chance and download the manager
Let’s Download and have fun!!!

WEST WAR (coming soon)

Set in a world of Western Fantasy, the goal of the game is to build a fortified camp, develop it by improving its defenses, recruiting ever more powerful attack troops, concocting devastating spells. Attack other players’ camps, plunder their resources and become the world number 1. West War is also a social game. You can obviously play alone but joining a clan or creating one and inviting other players to join you will be of great help.
Exchanging troops or resources with your friends will make it easier and faster to evolve.
Taking part in leagues tournaments, training in your own village or even playing your hand in the single player campaign are all different ways to have fun.